Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trim Up Tuesday (Version 1.8) 07/29/2008

Trim Up Tuesday isn't just for those who are trying to lose weight. Anyone who wants to focus on better nutrition and/or fitness should give it a try! We're not picky here at Trim Up Tuesday, so pick any aspect you like and ignore those you don't. And as always, if you don't comment, I can't come check out your Trim Up Tuesday blog, so please don't forget to comment!

Basic Info
  • To learn more about Trim Up Tuesday, go here.
  • To get the images for your post & sidebar, go here.
New For This Version (1.5)
  • No new items! Gimme some FEEDBACK! (please?)

Don't forget to leave a comment!

Fill in any information you want. You can skip anything you want to. If you skip it, it simply won't be displayed. Your weight will not be displayed so don't let that stop you from using that portion of the form. Once you are done filling out your info, click "Create Blog". A window will popup, showing you what your blog will look like. Although the background is white, when you paste it into the blog it will blend into your personal blog template. If you're satisfied with it, simply copy the code in the box and paste it into blog post and publish it. If you need to you can close the popup, edit your information, and click the button again.

Beginning Weight:
My Ideal Weight:
My Height: '   "
Weight Last Week:
Weight This Week:
# Times I Ate Out This Week: 
# Snacks Per Day:
# Calorie Drinks Per Day:
# Times I Exercised:
Cardio: hr min
Strength Training: hr min
Other Brisk Activities: hr min
My goal for this week is:
Last week's goal was: Goal Met?
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Please leave a comment to let me know you participated and I'll stop by. If you add my button to your page, I'll add you to my blogroll (updated weekly, and yes, it will be prettier in the future).

Next Version
I'm still looking for ideas for the next version. I'm toying with adding steps per day to tool. I also need to somehow get the picture automatically added in.

Finally ...
And, as always, I'm not a mind reader over here, so if you want something done or changed, you gotta ask for it! Please don't be shy, I WANT to make the tool better for everyone who wants to use it. And if *gasp* you happen to find a bug, please describe it in as much detail as possible so I can try to find & fix it.

Until next week ...

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Monica said...

I'm so excited to see a health and fitness blog. I figured I wasn't the only one!